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A Canadian pioneer, British servant, and Queen Victoria herself - capture the challenges and joys of life during an explosive era.  Victorian England:  an exciting time of new colonies and an increase in trade (of everything from food to political ideas).

The story of three British women living in different countries during the Victorian era:  one is Queen Victoria herself, one is a lower middle-class nanny named Ada E. Leslie, one is writer-turned-Canadian-pioneer Catherine Parr Traill.  Our story begins with the death of Prince Albert in Queen Victoria’s life, the death of Catherine’s husband Thomas and the beginning of Ada’s new life abroad, working as a nanny for a British officer in India.  As all three women set out on frightening new adventures, each woman 
tells her story through real letters and journals, by directly addressing the audience.  As they weave together the story of their lives, we grow to know the intimate details of their lives and learn along with them about the Victorian world with which they engage.  As the century races towards its end, the women age and all three eventually meet their 
own ends (both the Queen and Ada infirm and alone, while Catherine works and writes up until her death), leaving behind a changing world on the brink of a new era.

This thirty five minute play is an audience interactive performance featuring three of 
Canada’s up and coming actors (Caitlin Driscoll, Leora Morris, Eleanor Hewlings).

Created by Caitlin Driscoll, Leora Morris & Eleanor Hewlings

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